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          Now convenience bags have been used in thousands of households. It is also a commonly used method to preserve fruits. Its principle is to reduce the concentration of low oxygen, increase the concentration of carbon dioxide, make vegetables and fruits in a dormant state and prolong the storage period. Usually, the fruit is wrapped tightly in a convenience bag. However, it can not be stored indefinitely. The fruit will rot even after a long time.


          Convenience bags are not suitable for keeping fruits fresh for a long time, because vegetables and fruits are * foods with high moisture content and contain water-soluble nutrients and enzymes. During the whole storage period, there is still strong respiratory activity. Under normal circumstances, the respiratory intensity will double for every 10 ° C rise. Under aerobic conditions, sugars or other * substances in fruits and vegetables will oxidize and decompose, produce carbon dioxide and water, and release a large amount of maturity; Under the condition of lack of nutrition, sugars can not be oxidized, but can only produce alcohol and carbon dioxide, and release a small amount of heat.


          However, the concentration of carbon dioxide can not rise indefinitely, but can only increase by 10. The decrease of oxygen concentration should not exceed 5, otherwise Guoshu needs to know more nutrition in order to obtain enough energy for life activities in case of hypoxia. At the same time, the alcohol produced by hypoxia breathing will be left in Guoshu, which will cause Guoshu to rot and deteriorate. Therefore, the storage time of fruits and vegetables in convenience bags should not be too long, especially some convenience bags have problems in quality, which may contain toxic *.


          The above is a detailed introduction about Jinan customized food packaging bags. I hope it will be helpful to you If you have any questions, please contact us We will provide you with professional service http://www.savestudio60.com

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