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          As we all know, oxygen has a great impact on food quality, and some food packaging (such as carbonated drinks, coffee, etc.) also has strict requirements for excessive CO2. Therefore, controlling the air permeability of composite plastic bags and the gas content in the packaging has also become the primary task.


          1、 The amount of gas transmitted through substances in food.


          1. Oxidize the oil in food, which can be carried out even at low temperature. The oil oxidation caused by peroxide not only makes the food lose its edible value, but also produces strange odor and toxic substances.


          2. Most bacteria in food reproduce due to oxygen, forming the decay and metamorphosis of food.


          3. During the storage, transportation and circulation of fruits and vegetables, if necessary protective measures are not taken, fruits and vegetables will absorb oxygen, release CO2 and water, and consume part of nutrition to make vegetables The fruit is overripe Be soft Flavor change, etc.


          4. Carbonated drinks Beer. Coffee. In addition to being sensitive to oxygen, CO2 also has an important impact on the quality of fruit juice and other products.


          2、 Introduction to the primary method of air permeability test.


          In order to avoid the above situation, it is necessary to test the gas barrier performance of food packaging materials to avoid the above situation. According to the detection principle, the detection methods of air permeability can be divided into differential pressure method and electric quantity analysis sensor method.


          1. Principle of differential pressure inspection.


          The pressure difference between the two test chambers (the pressure difference between the two test chambers) can be used to measure the pressure of the gas infiltrating into the two test chambers, and the gas infiltrating into the two test chambers can be obtained by measuring the pressure difference between the two test chambers.


          2. Detection principle of electric quantity analysis sensor method.


          The test chamber is separated by the test film to form two independent air flow systems. One end is the active gas to be tested (can be pure oxygen or oxygen mixed gas, set the relative humidity of the gas), and the other side is nitrogen. Under the action of concentration difference, the oxygen on the membrane is sent to the electricity analysis sensor through the membrane, and then the oxygen on the membrane is transported to the electricity analysis sensor with nitrogen, and then the oxygen transmittance of the material is calculated.


          3. At room temperature, oxidative browning is faster than heating browning. As for flavored foods, such as concentrated broth and foods prone to oxidative browning and discoloration, even if there is a small amount of oxygen residue, it will also cause browning, resulting in the loss or deformation of the taste of the food.


          The above is a detailed introduction about Jinan composite plastic bag. I hope it will be helpful to you If you have any questions, please contact us We will provide you with professional service http://www.savestudio60.com

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