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          With the rapid development of economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for food are naturally higher and higher. It is good to eat before, but it is required to have both color and flavor today. In addition to the fixed three meals a day, the national consumption of snacks is also amazing. However, many friends often break into misunderstandings when buying and using food packaging bags. Today, pindali packaging will teach you how to get out of the misunderstandings and correctly select and use food packaging bags.


          1、 Three misunderstandings in purchasing and using food packaging bags


          1. Love to buy brightly colored food packaging bags


          There are many kinds of colors in food packaging bags. Many friends are easy to be attracted by products with bright colors when buying. However, the brighter the color of food packaging, the more additives will be. Therefore, it is recommended to use packaging bags with single color for food packaging. Although the ornamental performance is reduced, they are actually exposed to imported things, and it is important to have no harmful substances.


          2. Love to collect old food bags for reuse


          In order to save resources, many friends, especially the elderly, are used to storing old food packaging bags. This common practice is actually very harmful to health and is not advisable.


          3. The thicker the food packaging bag = the better


          The greater the thickness, the better the quality of food packaging bags? In fact, there are strict standards for packaging bags, especially food packaging bags. If they meet the standard, the quality is up to standard, which has nothing to do with the thickness.


          2、 How to correctly select food packaging bags


          1. Don't buy food with vague packaging and printing; Secondly, rub and print the clear packaging bag by hand. If it is easy to decolorize, it means that its quality and materials are not good and can not be purchased.


          2. Smell the smell. Do not buy food bags with pungent and pungent taste.


          3. Use white plastic bags to pack food.


          Although it is suggested to use other environmentally friendly packaging instead of plastic, it is recommended to try not to use red and black plastic bags when it needs to be used. Because colored plastic bags may be produced by using recycled materials, or using natural materials and their rough processed products without decontamination treatment, they are easy to fail, deteriorate, mildew or be polluted, and then pollute the food.


          4. Food grade paper packaging


          Paper packaging is the trend of packaging in the future. Recycled paper is the same as colored plastics and should not be used in the field of food. Ordinary paper materials will be added with additives for some reasons, so we must pay attention to the food grade when buying food paper packaging.


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