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          At present, plastic bags are widely used in Chinese markets and supermarkets, especially plastic shopping bags and food packaging have become indispensable in daily life. In this demand, there are more and more customized plastic bag manufacturers in China. In order to win the favor of consumers and users in the market, how can green plastic bag manufacturers have better product packaging design? The following small side will show you:


          For the common polyethylene (PE) plastic packaging bag, the material is transparent and the content can be considered. Color printing the color of plastic bag, which is used for color content and can be used on the back of pattern. scenery. Various local landscapes should be designed as long as they can attract the attention of customers. The requirements of composite plastic bags are more complex. Plastic bag manufacturers will design according to rich and colorful styles, highlight product characteristics and improve packaging level.


          Attention should also be paid to the printing of food packaging bags. Good colors should be realistic and beautiful. Although this will increase the production cost, it is more practical in order to attract the attention of customers. well. Generally speaking, the four sets of low-cost films, that is, the four colors often used in the industry, all want to print plastic bags very lifelike and beautiful. Seven sets of film making are very good, that is, seven color printing methods are used. The content of customized plastic bags is also the key. The content of the package and the brand name of the customer can be designed very much. But depending on the size of the plastic bag, the text should be clear and easy to read. There are no strict regulations on the words on the plastic bag, as long as the food contact surface is not printed. The art of brush and text is played and operated by designers themselves.


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