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          Shopping bags play an important role in daily life and bring great convenience to our shopping. However, with the continuous development of and the continuous improvement of people's health awareness, people have different understanding of the standard of plastic shopping bags. At present, the customized shopping bags in medium and large shopping malls and supermarkets all meet the relevant standards, but many businesses use ultra-thin or unqualified low-quality plastic bags in order to save costs. So how do we identify and distinguish these plastic bags? Next, let's briefly introduce it. Please see below.


          At the beginning, strictly speaking, the standards and requirements of customized shopping bags will be reflected in the printing of bags. At this time, we should learn to observe plastic bags. Attention should be paid to the plastic bags used to directly hold food in supermarkets. Such bags should be printed with signs for food. In addition, we should also smell whether the plastic bags have peculiar smell. Some plastic bags are produced by reprocessing with waste materials. Such plastic bags will have a pungent smell, which makes people unable to use at all.


          Secondly, it is important to observe the color of shopping bags. Usually, supermarket customized shopping bags have no more than milky white or transparent color, with fine texture. For example, the colorful vest bags commonly seen in the vegetable market are recycled and reprocessed from waste plastics, which can not be used to hold food, and can only be used once. If this kind of plastic bag is used to pack food, it will cause secondary pollution, produce certain toxic substances and endanger our health.


          Besides the thickness of plastic bags, regular supermarket shopping bags are relatively thick and can be recycled, while generally inferior plastic bags generally have other magazines, which are not strong, easy to break and durable. We can easily identify the thickness because the two bags feel very different.


          Whether it is a large shopping mall or a small convenience store, regular manufacturers should be selected for customized shopping bags, and qualified materials should be used, so that the products can be guaranteed.


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