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          What material is food plastic bag made of?


          1. The plastic bag packing box of meat products shall be marked in Chinese, indicating the factory name, production place and product name, and the words of meat products shall be marked in a prominent position. The original goods shall be attached with product quality inspection certificate.


          2. Plastic packaging bags for meat products, which are odorless, odorless and have special smell, cannot be used for food packaging.


          3. Color plastic bags cannot be used for food packaging.


          4. Try to use uncoated and coated materials. In the design of contemporary packaging box, in order to make the packaging more beautiful and corrosion-resistant, many applications are coating materials. This not only brings difficulties to the material procurement and reuse after commodity declaration, but also most industrial coatings have slight toxicity. If you take this packaged meat product, it will cause great harm to your human body. Another kind of coating, plating process, also brings huge waste to the environment.


          5. When purchasing meat products, it is suitable to use dark green packaging products, and choose the original paper packaging or biodegradable plastics.


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