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          其实塑料袋还是有很多妙用的,今 天给大家介绍塑料袋循环再利用的小妙招,以解决塑料袋没位置放,济南塑料袋哪家好、丢弃造成污染的问题,还可以让塑料袋变废为宝。

          In fact, plastic bags still have many wonderful uses. Today, I'll introduce a small trick for recycling plastic bags, so as to solve the problem that plastic bags have no place to put, which one is good in Jinan, and the pollution caused by discarding plastic bags, and turn waste into treasure.


          1、 Prevent clothes from wrinkling


          The folded clothes can be covered with a layer of plastic bags, and different clothes are also separated by plastic bags.


          In this way, when the clothes are squeezed, the plastic bag can slow down the friction between the clothes and cushion the pressure. No matter how many clothes are put, they are not afraid of being squeezed, so they are not easy to wrinkle.


          2、 Prevent deterioration of leather shoes


          After polishing and oiling the shoes, put the shoes into airtight plastic bags and tie them tightly. This will prevent the shoes from mildew.


          First wipe the leather shoes with a wet cloth, put them in a cool place to dry, apply shoe polish, brush them with a shoe brush, put them into a dry plastic bag, exhaust the gas in the bag, and tie them tightly with a rope. In this way, the leather shoes can be preserved to prevent drying, cracking and deterioration.


          3、 Wash white clothes


          White clothes are difficult to wash. Stains affect the image. You can try humble plastic bags. Which one is better in Jinan.


          After adding some washing powder to the water, which is better in Jinan plastic bag? Put the white clothes in for simple cleaning, rub them with soap after taking them out, put them directly into the plastic bag without rinsing, and then tie up the mouth and dry them in the sun for 1 hour. After time, take out the clothes and scrub them, and the white clothes will be as white as new.


          4、 Long term storage of apples


          Select the apple with good variety and no damage, wrap it in paper and put it into the plastic food bag, tie it tightly and seal the mouth of the bag.


          5、 Fresh Chinese Cabbage

          冬天白菜比较容易冻 伤。

          Cabbage is more prone to frostbite in winter.


          This article is provided by Jinan plastic bag. Our website is: http://www.sxsuliao.com We will serve you with wholehearted enthusiasm. Welcome to visit!

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