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          Plastic bags are very common things in our life, so what are the other uses of plastic bags besides holding things? The following exquisite plastic series will be popularized to you:


          Clean and hard to wash white vest: in summer, the white vest can't be cleaned after wearing for a long time. The white vest to be washed can be washed with clean water first, and then gently rubbed with soap or washing powder. After cleaning, apply soap or washing powder, rub it gently, no longer rinse, put it in a plastic bag, tie its mouth, and dry it in the sun for 1 hour. Then take it out and rub it clean to make it white as before.


          Prevent clothes from wrinkling: when folding clothes, fold plastic bags in clothes, and separate clothes from clothes with plastic bags. In this way, when some are squeezed, the plastic will cushion part of the pressure. In addition, it can also slow down the friction between clothing materials, which is generally not easy to wrinkle.


          Help prevent mildew of leather shoes: wipe the leather shoes with a wet cloth, dry them, apply shoe polish, wait a moment, polish them with a shoe brush, put them into an airtight plastic bag, discharge the gas in the bag, and tie the bag mouth tightly with a rope. Collecting leather shoes in this way can prevent leather shoes from cracking, deformation, mildew and deterioration.


          Prevention and treatment of heel chaps: wash your feet with warm water, wrap them on your heels with a clean, transparent, soft and thin plastic food bag, and then put on socks. In this way, the chapped part will always be warm and wet, and the affected part can heal in 3 to 4 days.


          Storage of chestnuts: chestnuts are packed in plastic bags and placed in the basement with good ventilation and stable temperature. When the temperature is above 10 ℃, the opening of the plastic bag shall be opened; When the temperature is below 10 ℃, tie the mouth of the plastic bag tightly for storage. Turn every 7 to 10 days at the initial stage, and after one month, the number of turns can be appropriately reduced.


          Preserve the radish from deterioration: before and after the winter solstice, dry the radish in the air until the skin surface is dried in the shade, put it into a plastic bag, tie the mouth of the bag with a rope, and store it for two months. The radish will not deteriorate or crumb.


          Storage of cabbage: non toxic plastic bags can be used to store cabbage in winter. When the indoor temperature is too low, the whole cabbage can be covered with plastic bags and tied at the mouth of the bag; If the temperature is above 0 ℃, the cabbage can be covered from the top with a plastic bag without binding, and the root can be poked down on the ground.


          Preservation of rice against mildew: put the rice into a composite plastic food bag, squeeze out the air in the bag, and tie the bag mouth with a rope at the place close to the rice to prevent the rice from being damp and mildew.


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